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There Is Only One Original Medicare And They Pay 80% Of Your Medical Bills.

We Are Licensed Enrollment Brokers Of All Medicare Plans Since 1985.

What’s The Best Medicare Plan Choices in Baltimore, Maryland
The One With The Lowest Cost
Medicare Choices in Baltimore Maryland

Medicare Choices in Baltimore, Maryland

The Lober Group has been a independent Insurance Advisor since 1981. We are currently licensed with over 50 top insurance companies offering you the best value at the lowest cost. We are paid a fee by the company you pick when you let us submit your application to the carrier. There Is No Discount To You By Purchasing Direct To The Company.

My Name is Jerry Lober.

Click on my photo to see my qualifications. I am a Vietnam Veteran 67-71.

Since 1985 I have been a Insurance Broker who looks for the best value in insurance products. In 2013 I turned 65 and enrolled in Medicare, thankfully all my years in the business I know which plans have the best value.

Just 5 years later I had a triple by-pass with a 6-day hospital stay at a cost of $60,000. My out-of-pocket cost was just $1,200. That may seem like a lot, but it is way less than 1 year’s supplement plan. I am looking forward to being of service to you. 443-506-6755

A Few Things You Should Know When Choosing A Plan.

If you are planning to work after age 65 it can be cheaper to purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan instead of keeping your Company Plan.

If you don’t have a lot of income, you may be able to get a low-income subsidy

We offer a no cost unbiased review of all plans. You don't have to spend more to get quality Health Care.

What’s The Real Difference Between The Plans?

Original Medicare

If you purchase the stand-alone Part D drug plan, Premiums can cost up to $97 monthly plus a deductible up to $445. For all current Part D prices.

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If you don’t pick a Drug Plan there are Penalties

Medicare Supplement Plans

To See All 44 Company Plans & Prices.

Medicare Advantage Plans

To See All Advantage Plans And Prices In Your Area

Attention Veterans! New This Year

A New plan from Alterwood Advantage ( Freedom ) is available if you use the V. A. for your medical services, there is a $0 monthly premium, and they will add $40 back to your Social Security Account each month.

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Medical Savings Accounts M.S.A.


“The Most Overlooked Medicare Plan”

“Popular With Snow Birds & Veterans”

The one nice thing about MSA’s is many doctors will accept the plans premium. Secondly the premium you pay, goes into your own account, earning interest, not the Insurance Company’s pocket.

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