How Do You Keep More For Yourself And Less For Uncle Sam?

By Using Little Known Tax Breaks.

The Lober Group's Mission Has Been To Help You Protect Yourself and Family, Through Tax Exempt Programs.

The Lober Group has been a Licensed Independent Insurance Broker since 1985 offering over 100 companies to get the best value for you.

Most insurance companies offer the same protection but at lower or higher rate, based on the overhead expenses of the company.

Our services include: Financial Planning, Executive Benefits, Investment Management, Estate Planning, and Retirement Planning at no cost to you if you use our services.

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A Word Of Advice. Tax Free is better then Taxable!

Qualified plans seem like a good way to go until you learn that they come with a gotcha!  When planning for your retirement, many believe that a 401k is the best way to do it. I encourage you to read all the below information, it will keep you from being on welfare in your mid 70’s. Why, because the money you invest is tax-free going in but….when you take it out it will tax you to the point of poverty. Our method is to put your money in tax free investments. Use The  Form At The Bottom For a Free Consultation.

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If you're in your 20s, 30s or even 40's you may question the necessity of preparing for retirement now. A recent study shows Americans are living longer than ever. At this time the Average Person will earn over $2,000,000 and end up with less than $60,000 for Retirement!

 Since 1985 our mission has been to provide consumers with the best way to replace current insurance products you now pay for and use the savings to help build a Retirement Plan that provides a Income 4 Life.  Check out the video below about Qualified Plans and how they hurt you financially at retirement.

Example: You have accumulated $400,000 and decide you need $25,000 yearly to cover expenses. Your check arrives and it’s $4,000 short, that’s your tax bill. But you still need and additional $4,000, so you have to take out an additional $6,000 to get what you wanted and cover the additional tax.

Here is where it gets worse your money is in the market and it just went down 30%. Do you see where this is going? That’s why many are living on SSI by their early 70’s. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact us at 443-506-6755 or fill out contact form below.


What's Wrong With A 401-k? Listen To What They Say And Beware.

This Product Is Just The Tip of The Iceberg That Causes Many To Have Money Issues Into Their Mid 70’s!

What’s Wrong With A 401k ?

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Where do you think the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, safeguards his retirement money? Pick One

Below You Will See Some Additional Problems With Your Money In A 401k.

Remember it’s not just how much you have acquired it’s how much you will receive after taxation and for how long?

What’s So Good About Annuities?
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