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My Name is Jerry Lober.

Click on my photo to see my qualifications. I am a Certified Estate Advisor, Vietnam Veteran 67-71 and small business owner.

Since 1985 I have been a Insurance Broker who looks for the best value in insurance products. In the last ten years I have been very helpful with business owners to increase their retirement savings and converting it to tax free income.

Our Vision has been to sustainably improve the estate or retirement situation of our clients through common sense principals. We do this by educating you how to get more bang for your buck, by using little known products like Kai-Zen for business owners..

I am committed to delivering solutions that are designed to not only save clients money but also weather volatile economic downturns. We make this affordable by showing you how to trade in your current insurance for a better value.

I am looking forward to being of service to you and your family. 443-506-6755

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