Final Expenses

These policies are designed to cover your end-of-life expenses- and not much more.  They are smaller versions of whole life insurance policies usually purchased when younger. 

These smaller policy’s are usually purchased by people over 50 to cover future funeral and burial costs. The cost of these policies are determined by several factors, your current health and age. The average purchase range from $10,000 to 50,000 but could cost more depending how deep your pockets are. 

As Insurance Brokers we have access to at least 100 insurance companies to find you the best coverage. We have been doing this since 1981. The big misconception is the use of words such as guaranteed issue, no exam, you can count on us and so forth. 

When you look at various Final Expense Coverage’s their prices are all over the place. Here is the secret to most insurance companies prices.  As with any business there are costs to run a business, Number of employees, Number of offices in country, Advertising and so on. 

It all comes down to make sure you buy a whole life plan because it guarantees you are covered till you pass on. We provide a service to guarantee you the best value. 

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