Final Expenses Life Insurance

         Thanks for choosing The Lober Group for your Final Expense needs. 

       We are one of the few Insurance Brokers that offer over 100 companies                       plans to choose from, to get you the Best Value Since, 1981.

        As with all insurance the cost of any final expense plan is determined by                    several factors, your current age, health, and ability to pay.   


      When you look at various Final Expense Coverage’s their prices are                       all over the place. Here is the secret to most insurance companies prices.                        

                     As with any business there are costs to run a business,

  Number of employees, Number of offices in country, Advertising and so on. 


                    Obviously the sooner you purchase, the less it will cost you.

        We provide a service for people who have purchased several policies

                         over the years to consolidate your older plans

                               into one new plan for a lower premium.


                    Special Note: If you know any seniors over age 70

     that have a life insurance policy and are having a tough time with bills

       or no longer can afford their premium we have a way they can sell

                              their current Life Insurance plan for cash.

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